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Canadian Cuisine

As unique as any in the world, its particularities are as interesting; its traditional dishes as delicious as any cooked in the pure English or pure French traditions. Yet part of its very uniqueness stems from the fact that it harmoniously combines the refinements of French cookery, the basics of English cookery with the traditions of American cooking, whose apparent simplicity conceals a richness and complexity quite remarkable.

Yet, for all that, it would seam that Canadian cuisine is seldom recognized as such. To the rest of the world (and even to a great many Canadians) Canada is know as the country where many things are cooked in maple sugar. While admitting that maple sugar, properly used, is a flavouring agent completely without parallel; it seams strange that a national cuisine of such merit could be for so long ignored. Why should this be? The reason, at least in part, is that until recently, no comprehensive work of Canadian cuisine existed. There are many Canadian-published cookbooks, but most of them are specialized, or otherwise limited. None of them covers the entire range of Canadian cooking. Only the New and Complete Encyclopaedia of Cooking, by Madame Jeanne Benoit has remedied this, and I have tested all of the recipes in this section, Richard...


Beef Jerky
Oatmeal cookies
Peanut butter cookies