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Remembrance Day

I was thinking today about all the people I know, or know of, who served - Honore Giroux, my grandfather served in the Canadian Army in Africa during the Boer War; Fernand Giroux, uncle who was in the Canadian Army; Richard Giroux, brother who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force; Bernard Renaud, who served in the Canadian Army and fought in W.W.II; Martin Renaud, uncle who was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Frank Renaud, uncle who was in the Royal Canadian Navy and a parachutist; Rheal Renaud, uncle and my godfather, who was in the Royal Canadian Air Force; Sylvain Jubinville, husband who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force; Walter Laframboise, Highly decorated  uncle who served  in the Canadian Army during W.W.II; Frank Miller, who served in the Canadian Army in Korea; Glen Miller, husband who served in the Royal Canadian Navy. My granddaughter's Catherine and Isabelle's grandfather served in the Merchant Marines and in W.W.II and last but not least Arthur Whissell, who also served in the Merchant Marines. See 12 Generations and Renaud Pages for the Families........
Marcelle Miller, sister of Richard Giroux.
Thank you all.

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My grandmother Celina Perier at 19.

My grandmother, Photo taken about 1907.

Grandmother Celina Renaud in the middle 1970's

She married Joseph Renaud May 7, 1907.

My father at RCMP Depos Regina.

Joseph Arthur Giroux born Feb. 2, 1906.

My mother, father and brother Raymond.

Raymond was our older brother, born Oct. 8, 1937.

The house was born in 1945 at 370 Daly St. Ottawa.

The house as it looks today.

German box wall clock.

The clock is about 115 years old.

My grand father Honore Giroux.

Inspector in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the late 1800s.

Bernard Alfred Renaud born Aug. 18, 1916.

Served in Korea 1950 - 1953.

Dianne Davis, photo taken 1977 at 14 years old.

Daughter of Hector (Pico) and Helen Davis.

Three uncles. Elie, Benard and Arthur Whissell

Elie and Benard Renaud, Arthur Whissell (center).

Elie Renaud (with milk) March 20, 1961.

Elie died that night at his home when he fell down the stairs because of a diabetese.

Francois (Franc)

youngest of the Renaud family.

Giselle Dupuis, daughter of Carmen Billings,

Also Claude Davis and wife, Granother Rita on July 23, 1983.

Glen Miller my brother in law.

He maried my sister on July 31, 1989. Glen died on...

Leontine Louise Leturmy, my grandmother (father's side)

Born June 6, 1888 LeMans France.

My mother and me, Photo taken 1963,

On my first visit home.

My cousin Helen, she was Carmen & Yvon's sister

Married to Hector Davis (Pico)

Jeannine and husband Martin Renaud (RCAF)

Louise born 1954, Jean-Francois born 1960, and Robert born 1961.

Jean-Paul Renaud, father Elie and brother of Bert and Pauline.

Jean-Paul is wearing his First Communion apparel.

Jessie, Blanche, Rita.

Ottawa, Ontario about 1940.

Jessie Renaud

Was married to Bernard Renaud

Leo Giroux

my father's brother Arthur Giroux

Richard, Marcelle, Yves.

Richard's 65th birthday.

Sister Marcelle and Richard

At Marcelle's Wedding.

Martin Renaud

RCAF Station unknown

Maurice Page

Richard's Godfather

Raymond and Morther

Otttawa, Ontario.


About 1920

Noel Renaud

Eldest of Renaud siblings

Pauline Renaud

Daughter of Elie Renaud


In Kerns Ontario

Hector Davis

Married to Helen Whissell

Rene Giroux

My father's brother

Richard Giroux

RCAF Station Val D'or

Real Renaud

My mother's brother


At 18 years old


At 35 years old


At 6 or 7 years old

Sandra Renaud

Sandra was Darcy's daughter born in 1945

Therese Laframboise

Sister of Blanche Giroux

Therese and Carmen

about 1955

R-L Noel, Elie, Blanche, Darcy, Rita, Bernard

about 1914

Arthur Whissell

375 Daly Ottawa, about 1963

Clair's wedding in Montreal

Jeaninne and Martin Renaud

Yvon Whissell

My boyhood friend, brother of Helen and Carmen 1957.

My dog Bijou

Shepherd-Collie mix 8 months old, at RCAF Station Val' D'or 1972.